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Time for some remodeling

Hello The Fit Again tribe!  I am getting ready to do some remodeling in order to make some much needed improvements. I will be back soon!

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I don’t own a Fitbit but I am interested in the number of steps I take daily. The powers that be suggest a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Depending where you live that could be a daunting number or your mid-day count. I moved from the remote little town of Saint Mary’s...

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No more excuses

Why do we wait for Monday to start things? Why can we not make a commitment to change something, anything, and it start that day or the very next morning (for those late day revelations)? What does a clean week have to do with anything? Life is not set up in nice...

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The power of a workout buddy

I have spent the past year working out with a regular and trusted workout buddy. Then I moved. I am shocked at how much I relied on our schedule. I missed it 3 days into my solo workout plan. This is coming from a trainer! I hit the gym with gusto but wow, boredom hit...

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I was working with a very young client, just out of college. She was in her first full time job and working all the time and eating horribly. She wanted to get back in shape and lose the weight gained after college. I welcomed her to ‘adulting’ and the resulting side...

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I’ll try it

There are always new trends or just old ideas resurface and treated like a new trend. Either way, I love to try anything new when it comes to fitness. Visiting other cities often provide these opportunities. I am spending 2 weeks in my old stomping ground but on the...

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Immediate Gratification

In a world where everything happens fast, immediate gratification is key. We want it all and we want it now. That is especially problematic in the health and fitness field. You hear the ads: rapid weight loss, faster muscle building, drop 2 sizes in 2 weeks. These ads...

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Optimal Water Intake Challenge

How much water should you drink? The general rule is 8 x 8oz of water (64oz total). But that number is a rough number and based on some research I’ve done, that amount does not provide for optimal health. Optimal health includes keeping the most skin supple &...

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Discomfort is OK

Way back in the 80’s trainers may have said “no pain, no gain”. We know what they meant by that statement. That you had to push yourself past your comfort zone in order to affect change in the body. But ‘pain’ is not the goal. General discomfort is ok, but pain is a...

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Bad Mood

Life is a roller coaster ride at times and bad moods make their way into your life. Often they mess with a good workout plan or a good diet but they don’t have to. I have had some of my best workouts when mad. I also found that exercise really helped me come down from...

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