Work out at home!

Offering personal training in your own home, live video training and online fitness programming. Get fit while staying home.

 Want to get in shape but not join a gym?

You want to get fit but you have trouble staying motivated.

You have your goals but not sure how to reach them.

You have a couple pieces of equipment and want professional guidance.

I do things a little differently…

I focus on your health from the inside out.

I work with you as we explore how you sleep, eat, move live and think.

I work with you to be the healthiest version of you rather than just focusing on a pant size.

Being fit is about the mind as well as the body.  Making you healthy from the inside so it shines on the outside.

Let’s explore ways that you can get fit with my help

In Home Personal Training

Specializing in fitness for women 40 + who want to get in shape. Exercise has the power to transform your body and your health. Sometimes you need a little push to get you to the right path. I’m here to inspire you to reach your fitness goals. I invite you to consider one on one training with me. Let me create and guide you through workouts designed to get you the healthy fit YOU.

Must live in Ashburn, Virginia or greater Loudoun County area. 

Live Video Training

Live video training is a great way to train without having physical contact.  Great for those with compromised immune systems or who just feel safer minimizing physical contact. Same individualized programming, form guidance and interaction to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals. 


Yoga is a proven strategy to combat the stressors of life, providing a time for you to find your center and rejuvenate your body through mindful movement. Private yoga instruction is ideal for creating a customized practice that matches your strength and flexibility. Individual instruction allows you to learn the poses for your body as you grow strong.

Online Training

Great way to enjoy the accountability of having a trainer as well as budget friendly. I write up weekly workouts based on your goals and fitness level. Each workout has a series of short videos demonstrating the moves. This ensures you understand the proper form and complete the moves properly. Weekly checks ins allow for progression and motivation.

Have Questions?

Wondering which of my training programs are right for you?  Feel free to reach out to me directly so that we can discuss your options, and find the best solution to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals!