‘Tis the Season for Fitness

saleEveryone seems to find time for fitness in January thanks to New Year’s Resolutions. But the best fitness deals are always found in December. It’s when facilities are seeing their lowest attendance and they want to boost sales. So for those of us who work out year round, tis the season! Some fitness businesses promote there December deals in ads while others just post internally for their loyal customers and lucky searchers like us. This is when I start hitting their websites for holiday deals because you save the most money possible when you purchase before the holidays. Best places are private venues such as yoga studios, cycle studios, barre, aerial silks, dance, martial arts, etc. Read the fine print, often these deals have to be started in December, some are December only and some offer huge discounts if you make yearlong commitments. Another great thing about these deals are you try programs out with a more manageable crowd in attendance vs the heavy crowds of January. I wouldn’t suggest signing up for a year of aerial silks if you have never tried it before, but if you take spin regularly and only go sporadically because of cost, there will be a deal for you. So start your search because the December deals are great!

Let’s be SMART about this

I meet people and they tell me of their weight loss goals. 10lbs, 20lbs 50lbs etc. Nice round numbers. I ask where they are in their path and often they are either at the beginning or re-starting their path. I do meet those who tell me of their accomplished goals, but they often add in a new goal of even more weight loss. I like to ask if they would be happy to lose 5lbs. They say yes, but they want the bigger number.

I wonder, what success would we see if we looked at a 5 lbs weight loss goal. Who cares if you said 20lbs or think 30lbs is what you really want. How about a goal of 5 lbs down and keep it off for good? Would that be a worthy accomplishment? My guess is yes. It absolutely would be great and I think that is how we should approach weight loss. We need to set short reachable goals and have a plan on how to get there and stay there.

Many goal setting articles in the business world suggest using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive) I think this applies to weight loss perfectly if you set a specific number that is measurable, attainable, realistic and in a time frame that works. Five pounds fits this perfectly! 50lbs by summer when we are entering Christmas is hard. The time table is too long, the number too high and I believe unattainable and unrealistic. But how about we consider a goal to lose 5 lbs by end of January. That is over two months, which is a fair amount of time, long enough to make strides and short enough it will be upon us quickly and hopefully will help you fight holiday food temptations. If we all commit to this today, that is 10 weeks at only ½ pound per week.

So who is in?!?!? Leave me a comment or email me at Cindy@TheFitAgain.com. I will ask you for your current weight and check in with each month to see how we are doing.

Over 40 & Bone Loss

As we age we naturally start to see a decrease in bone mass. Basically existing bone cells are reabsorbed by the body much faster than we make new bone. We peak around age 30, reaching our max bone density, and from there start to slowly lose bone mass over time. Several factors play into the speed of which this takes place such as gender, family history, smoking, being thin, eating disorders, diet, medical conditions regarding metabolism, menopause, excessive alcohol consumption, medicines that interrupt absorption, disease and cancer treatments. With all this being what it is and our control of bone loss pretty low, we need to make sure we are doing our part to ensure the healthiest bones possible long into our exercising over 40 lifestyles.osteoporosis

Exercise is critical. We need to make sure we are doing strength training and some form of impact cardio. Impact cardio can be walking, jogging, running, racket sports, dancing, water aerobics are just a few ideas. Strength training can be free weights or body weight. Because when the muscles pull on the bones you stimulate your bones to make new bone cells. Since our absorption is greater than our production, we need this boost.

Diet is also critical. We need Calcium and Vitamin D. Without enough calcium your body will start to break down your own bones to get it. Also you need Vitamin D to aid absorption of Calcium plus it is needed for bone growth and bone remodeling. So without adequate Vitamin D your bones can become brittle, thin or misshapen. So these two supplements are a strong team in fending off bone loss. Many people simply take supplements, which is fine but you also need to make sure your diet has foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin D. Now, although you need both, you do not have to take them together. Vitamin D levels need to be adequate or available in the body so when you enjoy calcium rich foods your body can absorb these much needed nutrients. So yes they are a team, but the sport is an all day and all night activity.

Naturally rich in Calcium

Naturally rich in Vitamin D


Cod Liver Oil








Egg Yolks

Bock Choy



Sunlight: 20-25 minutes


I am not a fan of ‘fortified with …..’ foods because often its food items you don’t need in your system in the name of adding a supplement. For example, calcium or vitamin D fortified orange juice, flavored yogurts or cereals. The sugar and nutrient starved food items are not worth the added supplements. See my blog post regarding my issue with sugar to understand why.

I eat items from the two lists every day of my life to ensure a bone healthy diet. I do not eat yogurt or drink milk thanks to lactose issues so I have added Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. On top of my cardio and weight training I am doing my part in fending off my inevitable. My bone density scan shows I have Osteopenia which is lower than normal bone density but not low enough to be considered osteoporosis. I’m not happy to know this new fact about my overall health but as I always say “Knowledge is Power”. So Calcium and Vitamin D foods we are about to become even better friends!


Making Time

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse”

I love this quote. It perfectly sums up how people make time for things in their life. Now, I can say that parents may be at a disadvantage on this one, because kids seem to commandeer schedules pretty quickly. But we still truly make time for what we want in life. So when I hear people say they don’t have time to exercise, I know it’s just an excuse. We all have time to exercise. Exercise can be done at home and for very little money. So if you truly do not want to exercise, any excuse will do. Here are my many questions for the person who says they don’t have time…

So if you have no time to exercise, do you really want to make room for exercise in your schedule? Do you feel you have to exercise because society tells you that you need to? Do you want to lose weight and feel that exercise is the only way you know how to do so? Is there any form of movement that you do enjoy? Playing a sport? Dancing? Hiking, kayaking, biking? Would you make time for those activities instead vs the old standard gym exercises?

So stop making excuses and determine what it is you really want. Once you do that you can drop the excuses all together and make room for what is important to you. Because if it is important, you will make time for it…whatever ‘it’ is.