I’ll try it

try it2There are always new trends or just old ideas resurface and treated like a new trend. Either way, I love to try anything new when it comes to fitness. Visiting other cities often provide these opportunities. I am spending 2 weeks in my old stomping ground but on the other side of town from where I normally find my fitness favorites. I am so excited to check out what is hot in this area. So far, tried Universal Yoga aka Unity Yoga. Wow, it was so hard, not physically hard as in you sweat and think you will die. Hard as in ‘how in the world do I get my knee and my foot in that place while balancing on my hands’ hard. I can honestly say that I wasn’t very good at completing the poses and the instructor gave me lots of attention and help. I am very thankful for that. I loved the challenge. I loved that women and men my age were rocking the moves. I felt that if I were living here, I’d be in here every week working at it until I looked like them. WOW! I loved it! I can’t wait to go back and try it again.

Are you someone who will try new fitness programs? Tell me about why you do or do not try new things fitness related? Also, if you are someone who tries new things…what cool new fitness trend do I need to know about?!?!?!

Immediate Gratification

In a world where everything happens fast, immediate gratification is key. We want it all and we want it now. How-to-Lose-Weight-Fast-for-all-health-and-fitnessThat is especially problematic in the health and fitness field. You hear the ads: rapid weight loss, faster muscle building, drop 2 sizes in 2 weeks. These ads wouldn’t be out there if there wasn’t a person to buy into it. The bad news is the only one getting immediate gratification is the company taking the funds. There are no fast ‘gains/losses’ in fitness. You may hit a number fast but you won’t keep it. You cannot drop 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks without negative consequences to your health. Sadly, you cannot expect to keep it off either. The process that got you there is not a lifestyle change that will support the new weight level. In fact, if you go back to what habits got you to whatever weight loss you reached, you will likely gain that weight back too. I have yet to meet anyone who lost a ton of weight fast and kept it off. But I have met plenty of people who have lost weight slowly by making health changes that fit their life and kept the weight off. So with this said, you cannot expect immediate gratification in the health and fitness realm of your life.

There are some areas that changes make big differences in health in a relatively short time. If you cut out sugar or processed foods, you usually feel horrible for a few days and then in a couple weeks feel fantastic as the toxins leave your body. The same can be said for those who give up meat. You feel hungry until you understand how to eat meat free properly (many people drop meat and don’t replace the calories, thus starving themselves). Giving up sodas or sugary drinks also has a fairly quick change for the body and how it feels and for some also see weight loss. But even with these changes, you need a couple weeks to a month to notice or feel the benefits of the change. So still not immediate gratification.

Look at health as a long term plan. Make changes that bring the bigger impacts on health and practice patience because they will happen.