At 50+, I am only half way through this thing called life, and I’m not ready to sit back and get old. In fact, when I am 80, I still plan on moving and exercising. I want to be fit for life…fit over 50 and some day fit over 80.

Why “Fit Again”?

I spent my 20’s submerged in the world of fitness.  Not only was a personal trainer, but I was actively mountain biking, practicing yoga, running races, weight training, kickboxing and doing a variety of aerobic classes.  

Then I reached 30… I switched careers, and ran a retail shop and started a service business outside the fitness world. It was a blast and I loved it all, but it also consumed every minute of my life…

Once I hit 40, I realized I was intermittent at best with my personal fitness and no longer able to do the things I used to do. So I made some hard and fast changes. I sold off both businesses and returned to my roots. I got back in shape and wow… getting in shape at 40+ is way harder than when I was younger.  

But I did it, I was Fit Again!

The problem is that there isn’t great information out there for getting fit for the mid-age woman. Either I am far fitter than the information is helpful or its way too intense for my age. I have injuries thanks to my younger crazy self, a car accident and all the general ‘joys’ of getting older added to my list of obstacles. 

Choosing the exercises that make a difference and work for your body is more frustrating than needs to be. Making sense of the information overload online and getting back to what works is what I am about. Specializing in fitness for women and specifically women over 40 years. Being healthy and fit, not just skinny.   

I want everyone who thinks they can’t do it to realize they absolutely can. Its a long, hard road and so much of it is mental. I am running again, lifting weights, doing yoga and seeing my fitness return. I am Fit Again. I couldn’t do it without my tribe so I invite you to join us and become Fit Again!

The Official Bio:
Cindy is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, yogi and challenger of fitness myths.

Cindy studied Commercial Fitness in undergrad, and ran an executive level fitness center while going to grad school for Health Fitness Management Science. After graduating, Cindy started an in-home personal training business, working with people who don’t necessarily love it the way she does.

It’s a fancy world with lots of bells and whistles but that is not what gets you fit. Cindy understands balance and the need for someone to navigate the fitness world for the best information and practices to get clients to their goals.


M.S. in Health Fitness Management Science, American University 

B.S. in Commercial Fitness, Radford University 

Professional Affiliations

  • American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Certified Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Certified Group Instructor
  • RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor

Have Questions?

Wondering which of my training programs are right for you?  Feel free to reach out to me directly so that we can discuss your options, and find the best solution to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals!