I meet people and they tell me of their weight loss goals. 10lbs, 20lbs 50lbs etc. Nice round numbers. I ask where they are in their path and often they are either at the beginning or re-starting their path. I do meet those who tell me of their accomplished goals, but they often add in a new goal of even more weight loss. I like to ask if they would be happy to lose 5lbs. They say yes, but they want the bigger number.

I wonder, what success would we see if we looked at a 5 lbs weight loss goal. Who cares if you said 20lbs or think 30lbs is what you really want. How about a goal of 5 lbs down and keep it off for good? Would that be a worthy accomplishment? My guess is yes. It absolutely would be great and I think that is how we should approach weight loss. We need to set short reachable goals and have a plan on how to get there and stay there.

Many goal setting articles in the business world suggest using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive) I think this applies to weight loss perfectly if you set a specific number that is measurable, attainable, realistic and in a time frame that works. Five pounds fits this perfectly! 50lbs by summer when we are entering Christmas is hard. The time table is too long, the number too high and I believe unattainable and unrealistic. But how about we consider a goal to lose 5 lbs by end of January. That is over two months, which is a fair amount of time, long enough to make strides and short enough it will be upon us quickly and hopefully will help you fight holiday food temptations. If we all commit to this today, that is 10 weeks at only ½ pound per week.

So who is in?!?!? Leave me a comment or email me at Cindy@TheFitAgain.com. I will ask you for your current weight and check in with each month to see how we are doing.