Oh I regret working out. Said no one, ever.

I run a FitCamp and often at the end of a workout one of my beloved attendees will tell me they didn’t want to come for whatever life untitledreason they had. Then they often add how happy they were they came. Not once did anyone say they didn’t want to come and how awful their decision was if they did.

Life may be like the instructions on a plane. When the air masks drop, put yours on first, then assist others around you who need your help. When things are tough or life gets stress filled, you need to take time for yourself so that you can continue to serve those around you. If you allow your own health and wellness to drop, those around you will be served by half of what you have to offer.

Not sure how we came to live in a world where taking care of yourself is seen as selfish and ‘shelf-able’. Most physical professionals train and practice to make sure their craft of choice is up to snuff. But what about the profession of life? If you have kids and the busy schedules that accompany kids, you need the health and stamina necessary to keep pace. Skipping personal workouts, sleep or choosing unhealthy meals to make sure everyone’s life is on point while yours goes by the wayside is a contradiction on priorities. You have to put on your ‘air mask’ (health) first, then you will have the full ability to take care of everyone else around you.

This could also be an opportunity to show your loved ones how their own health is a priority. Pretty hard to tell a little one they need to be active when they know you skipped your ‘activity’ earlier that day. Or not to snack when a healthy meal is more important yet they watched you eat something less than healthy as you rushed them off for school.

I am not saying forsake your loved ones, I am saying don’t forsake yourself. You need to take your own health serious and prioritize it equal to those around you. Because no one has ever come to me and said they regret taking such great care of themselves.