I think everyone should ditch the old way of doing New Year’s Resolutions. I think you should instead incorporate a monthly ‘promise’.

Here is how it would work: Each month you have a promise. It can be anything you want…walk the dog more, exercise 3 times per week, go meatless during the week, start meditation, eat or drink less of something, etc. Any change you feel your life needs. And I wouldn’t even plot out each month in advance, just make a list of changes you want to see for yourself. Before each month starts, pick a promise and write out realistically how you can incorporate it during the month. You are only promising to do what you picked for that one month. Towards the end of the month note what worked and what didn’t and decide if it’s something worth keeping in your life. If it is something that worked, then keep it, tweak it and decide how it works going forward. If it didn’t work, ditch it or even come up with a different promise for the list, especially if it was a change you really wanted. The idea is that you set these goals in smaller bite sized pieces and in a short time frame that has a very visible end. There are twelve months in the year and plenty of time to start new habits. I have even ‘revisited’ one month’s plan later in the year with a new plan for that same promise as I too have my struggles. But I wouldn’t do it two months in a row unless you think that is how you operate best.

Each month you do repeat the process. Pick a promise, make a plan and you have that one month to execute it. Each month is a fresh slate, each month can be the determining factor for what you pick off your list. If a months’ promise worked, then leave it as a regular part of your life. If not, pat yourself on the back for making the attempt or trying something new. The idea is that you have these experiences and they are more pleasant and rewarding.

Happiest and Healthiest New Year to you!