The lies we live with…

If the item is bad for you but tastes good, does the ‘tasting good’ have weight in deciding if it’s truly bad or only partially bad? I’m starting to think that is the case. I have even heard people state that eating ‘bad’ food is OK every now and then. Unfortunately, that typically means regularly. Because if you rarely eat bad food, when you do eat it, you will feel ill. It takes regular consumption for your body to process bad food without disruption of your system.

How about when we take a good item and processing makes it bad but tastes better than the original good item. Now we are all in trouble because yes oats are healthy, but oatmeal cereals are very unhealthy. Oranges are great for you but orange juice is the worst thing you can drink. Grapes are great but grape jelly is not. Potatoes are good but French fries are bad. Based on what takes up more space on grocery store shelves I can tell you which forms are sold in greater quantity.

Healthy looking packaging, farm scenes and use of those words make items appear healthier. Looking at the processed meat aisle I was shocked at how many farm scenes, craft paper-like wrappers and the use of the actual words ‘farm’, ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’ were used in the name of the product. I can tell you that processed meat will never be healthy no matter how pretty they wrap it up and suggest that it is. The same can go for the cereal aisle.

Commercials that proudly announce the health benefits of their products. This is often on those once ‘good’ food items that have been processed and no longer good for you. Boxed cereal is the biggest culprit in this scam. Wheat, sugar and lots of chemicals make up most boxed cereals and they should not be considered a healthy breakfast choice. But they will tote that a breakfast with whole grains support a healthy meal and therefore healthy for you. Sadly, anything good was is lost when items such as whole grains are heavily processed and added to the sugar and chemicals also found in those boxed cereals.

We live in a world where fast and cheap win over quality and health. It will never be easy, fast or super cheap to eat healthy. You will have to work for health and it’s not always cheap. But health is always worth working for.


There are no shortcuts in health eating

We live in a world where we want the work done for us. We call them shortcuts. Unfortunately, with healthy eating, shortcuts are not so healthy. You need to do the work to get the benefit. Quick packaged meals and snacks are not the best option. Your body needs real food as often as possible. Not factory manufactured foods that tell you they are good for you. I am a firm believer that it the package has to tell you it’s healthy…it is a lie. Have yet to see an apple telling me it’s good for me or asparagus tips toting their many health benefits.

If you want to be healthy. Really healthy, feel good, happy body and mind healthy, then you need to feed it healthy foods. They are natural, not manufactured and you have to prepare them either by slicing, dicing, and many times cooking them. They are not in a package that you slide in the microwave and can eat in 45 seconds. There are plenty of great healthy meals that take hours to prepare, but there are many more that can be ready with a few minutes of your time. You need to create your list of quick meals and have ingredients around for weekly meals. You also need to plan out meals and have a day for meal prep. Busy schedules are why meal prep is vital to healthy eating, you need to come up with meals and prepare them in advance for quick access on busier days and for lunches.

There are no shortcuts. Don’t look for shortcuts. You have to do the work if you want to eat healthy and be healthy.

Stay tuned this week for some healthy prep-ahead meal ideas to keep your busy schedules from sidelining your healthy eating goals.