What are they telling us?

I saw a commercial for fixing ‘ugly varicose veins’. The first image was of a pretty severe case of varicose veins in what my guess is a woman of an advanced age. No real idea since they only showed a zoomed in image of the back of her knee and upper calf. But based on the severity my guess is 70’s or 80’s in age. Then they show a girl with no veins who I can more accurately guess her age being low or mid 20’s. I’m so aggravated by these ads that tell us that we have to look perfect all the time. The ‘better’ legs belonged to a model. One selected for her amazing legs and physique. I can imagine the auditioning of dozens of young women and sadly many of them did not make the cut, because only the best legs would win the ‘gig’. Then they show the severe case and ask us don’t we want to look good baring our legs again?

I want to scream when I hear this. It has so many negative messages I don’t know where to start. Based on images, this ad seems to be suggesting that they can make someone’s legs look 50 to 60 years younger? So those 50 to 60 years of ‘living’ on our legs will be reversed? Impossible and why? Then they show a very shapely girl poolside in a bikini and say we will no longer feel shame baring our legs in public. What? Again, are they seriously suggesting we should be ashamed to bare our legs even if we have varicose veins? This is the point that angers me the most!

li0_body_image_on_pinterWe only believe that we are not good enough based on the messages we are told. Why can we not age naturally? Why can we not enjoy wearing shorts because it’s hot out and not because the world needs to approve of the look of our legs. No one wants varicose veins but so many factors are going to influence whether or not we develop them. I personally developed vein damage from blunt trauma to my outside right thigh when I was in college. An inch-long purple damaged vein is the result of that injury. I like my legs and when it’s hot, I wear shorts. I get so aggravated when women are told they are not good enough for such superficial reasons. And I hear it all the time. Women tell me they won’t wear shorts because of their legs or tank tops because of their arms. Are you kidding me? Its 98 degrees out and humid and these beautiful women of all ages are wearing layers to cover up what society has told them is not good enough! I’m FURIOUS!

I saw a woman poolside on a cruise ship who was clearly over 300lbs and wearing a bikini. largeShe wanted good tan lines like any vacationing woman. Everyone around me was whispering and staring. I made eye contact and gave her a sincerely friendly smile and head nod which got me a smile in return.

I’m so tired of this world that wants to tear us down for every little thing. Stop listening to that noise and lets start living for ourselves. We do not need the approval of those that will forever tell us we are not good enough and that only perfection is permissible. Stop listening because what they are telling us are lies.