Its not the size of your kitchen… but what you do with it!

If you have ever watched HGTV shows relating to fixing up homes or selling and buying homes, then you know the biggest part of any decision always includes the kitchen. Everyone seems to want, need or require a gourmet/large kitchen. I find this ironic because so few people I talk to admit to actually cooking regularly or liking to cook in general. In fact, more people admittedly prefer quick foods (i.e., prepared foods), eating out or ordering delivery. You don’t need a designer kitchen to heat up water for Mac n Cheese or pizza delivery. Not sure why are kitchens so important when so few people cook?gour kitch

I think kitchens are incredibly important because we all need to be cooking more. We all need more time in the kitchen, both men and women. We need to prep our meals for those who work and need food to take for lunches. We need to cook from raw ingredients as often as possible and utilize our kitchens more. In fact, we need to be in them daily, cooking from scratch. Doesn’t matter if they are large, gourmet or tiny little galley kitchens. It’s what you do in them that’s truly important.

We aren’t cooking enough and boxed/fast food choices are bad for our health and our waistlines. We are all busy but cutting out the cooking portion of our day is like ‘robbing peter to pay paul’. You short cut the one thing that truly helps you stay, be and live healthy. What are you making time for by not cooking from raw ingredients? More time in front of the television? More time to work extra hours from home? If you have a big fancy kitchen, its even better for family time or together time. Even those little galley kitchens make for some cozy cooking and conversations.

Cooking isn’t easy for everyone, especially if you are used to always wanting short cuts. But eating food you prepared from raw ingredients is always the healthy way to go. So many prepared foods are loaded with chemicals and added sugars so that you are never better off taking those short cuts. Take the time to learn how to make a few meals you enjoy eating. Plus, learning to cook is so much easier now days with easy access to YouTube, cooking shows, cooking channels, online recipes or local cooking classes through private chefs, cooking schools or culinary retail shops.

The healthiest people I know cook all their food from home and often from tiny kitchens. They may enjoy a pizza on the weekend but they made it at home and from ingredients that are fresh and clean. And yes, they taste great.

You don’t need a big kitchen to be a cook, but if you have one…utilize it!