Cold Weather Fun

Now that the weather has turned cold, staying inside sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately sitting on the couch and binge watching Netflix is not the healthiest choice. My husband and I started using Sunday to explore healthy new recipes for our food prep day. We found a couple great cookbooks that we are loving. We both eat plant based diets and like most people we eat the same meals over and over. The idea is to pull out the cookbooks, pick a couple recipes each and open our options. We make our grocery list, hit the store and prep our meals. There have been some hits and sadly some misses, but we are enjoying learning what other great food items we now love.

If you are into plant based living the cookbooks we love are Thug Kitchen, Eating the Alkaline Way and Meatless. I also have a couple Paleo cookbooks that we pull meatless recipes from as well. The internet is also a great place for recipes and we have tried and loved many from

It’s a great way to hang out and chat, taste new food options and our week is always set up for success.

 Thug Kitchen Eating the alkaline way mealtess