The power of a workout buddy

Best Fit FriendI have spent the past year working out with a regular and trusted workout buddy. Then I moved. I am shocked at how much I relied on our schedule. I missed it 3 days into my solo workout plan. This is coming from a trainer! I hit the gym with gusto but wow, boredom hit hard and fast. My workout buddy and I met for workouts 3 times a week and she attended my workouts twice a week. In fact, that is how we met. She was a FitCamp participant who became my workout buddy.

The power of a workout partner is endless. It’s why classes are so popular and group training is on the rise. Being a trusted workout partner is the biggest part. We had a few missed workouts due to either schedule but we always picked up or even added a Saturday makeup workouts when needed. And never once did one of us skip or blow off a workout. That is a trusted workout buddy.

So what do you do if you would like a workout partner but your schedule/fitness level/fitness preference does not match your immediate list of friends? I have had many workout buddies over the years and almost never was it with an immediate friend. I am an outgoing person and I have always met people with ease and found my partners through random meetings. I engage those open to conversation and ask them about partnering up as I get to know them. Often this is done with people who want to workout by struggle with motivation. Ideally, you have to be out there and out there regularly, because the people you see exercising when and where you workout is the best place to start your search.

If you are not outgoing this may be incredibly intimidating and not likely to happen. Your best option may be to sign up for a group training program. Smaller group, guided by a trainer and more budget friendly than hiring a trainer solo. Or find a Meetup of people who do what you like to do, running, cycling, swimming, etc. They are out there and you have to find them, they won’t look for you.

Your method of finding a workout partner is going to be up to you. But if you need motivation and are willing to make the commitment, you should consider making finding a workout buddy a priority. You will be more motivated, more committed, have someone to share your progress with, celebrate goals met and make a great new friend. There is everything to gain!


This is dedicated to my workout buddy whom I left in Saint Mary, GA. I miss you!


Some People Need a Partner

I love to work out but every now and then I am not in the mood. It gets boring to just show up each day and go through a routine at the gym. Especially if you are not training for an event or a particularly exciting goal. When weight loss is the main goal then it’s really not that exciting and becomes more of a chore. Since weight loss is better achieved through proper diet decisions vs just exercise, that can be a long road. And probably another reason why people lose interest after 90 days (which is the average length of time people spend involved in a fitness routine).workout buddy1

I have a number of ideas for staying committed and one of them is finding a partner. An exercise partner who you have regular standing dates to meet and workout with is amazingly beneficial to your staying committed long term. So on that random day you would rather stay in bed or go straight home after work you don’t and instead meet your partner. Since consistency is the key to your long term health and fitness needs, having a partner makes that so much easier.

Choosing a partner is not always that easy. You need similar goals or fitness interests, access to facilities or classes, schedules that blend and allow you to meet at the same time. Once you find that partner you need to commit to motivating one another and not letting the other off the hook for missing workouts. Having a partner that is waiting on you is very motivating when you are having that rare off day. I love the social time with my workout partner, celebrating our accomplishments and getting excited to try new classes or activities together. You get more engaged in your workout plan, you come up with goals and look for ways to increase fitness levels when you work with a partner.

My workout partners have been the most random people ever. I used to work out with a Catering Exec who was a member of a gym I ran. We hit it off and together we joined another gym closer to our homes (where no one knew our names which was funnMuscular coach insures athlete exercising with barbelly since we were both named Cindy) and met there super early 3x a week for weight lifting. We had a 10+ year age difference and had the best workouts. Other workout partners included college classmates, neighbors I met in a random class and found we had similar club memberships, running club participants who I bonded with and we branched out, even co-workers. So it’s not necessary that your workout partner be a current friend. If you have that person in your circle that is wonderful news and you are very lucky. I have rarely had my close friends share my fitness habits, schedules or interests.

So the next time you are working out and you notice someone who you have seen before, strike up a conversation. You never know, that person may become your next workout partner.