Home Equipment I Love

I love a good home workout especially if you have all the right equipment. No one is on machines so no waiting, no traffic getting to and from and you can workout any time. If you are thinking of what equipment to add to your home gym, these are proven winners. I use them with clients as a trainer and they are fantastic at what they do.

I put them in order of favorites but all are must haves in my book.

trxTRX ($150-250) – This piece of equipment was designed by and for Navy Seals. What more do I need to say. You can do an entire upper and lower body workout and get serious results. Good for beginners and absolutely perfect for advanced exercisers.


yo mat

Yoga Mat ($20-150) – Perfect for stretches, ab work and of course yoga.



Jump Rope aka Speed Rope ($20-40)- Jumping rope is a great exercise. Try it for 2 minutes and I guarantee you will have your heart rate up and start yelling Uncle! Great for interval work especially since it’s a great conditioning tool.


x ball


Exercise Ball/Stability Ball ($10-25) – This is great for hamstring work, core work, and balance plus you can use it as a bench. Roll out as you do dumbbell chest flies, overheads etc.



Dumbbells ($20-500) – I am not a fan of having a full range but key sizes. The sizes you need plus a set up and down. You can grow it as you wish, but do not need entire set to get started.



Resistance Bands ($5-100) – These are best if they have a handle on the ends. They take up much less room than dumbbells and provide great resistance. A variety of resistances are needed. 2-4 bands to start.


I am a fan of outdoor cardio, running, biking, etc. So if you have to do your cardio inside due to weather, location etc. A very good treadmill or studio cycling bike would also be contenders. A Bluetooth speaker for motivation/to drown out heavy breathing and a fan for those who need air moving are also helpful additions to a home gym.

You can start with 1 or 2. You may have a great gym membership and need supplemental equipment on days that the gym just won’t work. But a home gym is a great way to ensure you move every day. If you have questions or need advice, just drop me a note in the comments section.


Back to Basics

I’m a big fan of yoga. Tried yoga back in the late 90’s after a spinal injury and at the advice of my Iron Man running Chiropractic doctor. At first I didn’t like it, but after about a month I fell deeply in love with yoga. I love how it makes me feel once I complete a class. And I fully believe it to be a necessary compliment to my heavy weight lifting and running. It’s the Yin to the Yang in my workout. I am also currently in the middle of yoga teacher training with the hopes of personally spreading my love of yoga to anyone who will listen.

This past weekend my husband and I participated in a Yoga Basics workshop. After almost a dozen years of yoga it seemed like a good idea to check in on the basics. And man was I right! It’s like driving, you are taught 10 & 2 on the steering wheel, but after years of driving, its one hand and a knee. You get either lazy or sloppy or just forgetful, but either way, you forget the basics.

We enjoyed a 3-hour workshop going over the intricate details of the basic poses found in Sun A and Sun B. We re-learned where our elbows should be on chaturanga (high to low plank). We re-learned the form and benefits of utkatasana (chair pose). We learned modifications for our much older shoulders and how to truly open our torso in twists. It was amazingly beneficial and I feel even more excited for my yoga practice. Because it’s not just going through the motions, it’s what you achieve while you are there.

There are so many hidden benefits of yoga and taking this basics workshops reminded me of that. If you are new to the idea of yoga or have been practicing for many years. You need to treat yourself to a yoga basics workshop. The benefits are immeasurable.