I have the best clients!

Check out some of the amazing things that have to say about working with me through their personal fitness goals.

As a Physical Therapist, I know the importance of communication with clients to reach personal movement related goals. Cindy  is my own personal trainer who has done an excellent job by listening and putting together programs to reach my personal goals.

Francois P.

Physical Therapist/Educator

I have been attending Cindy’s fit camp and yoga classes for the past 6 months. Cindy is an awesome fitness expert! My favorite part about Cindy’s workouts are that every class is different. We have never repeated a workout! You never know what to expect and I always have fun!  Cindy puts a lot of thought and passion into each workout. Also, Cindy is great at modifying any move to help accommodate any injuries. I have seen an improvement in muscle tone and feel stronger since training with Cindy. I highly recommend her! The people of Charleston are lucky to be gaining such an awesome instructor!

Maggie R.

Stay at Home Mom

I wouldn’t be in the best shape I am without Cindy’s help. I am 59 years old and I joined Cindy’s FitCamp last October. Knowing that I wasn’t in a routine and I have a bum knee, Cindy modified my exercises to fit my needs. The other girls in our camp were at least 10 years younger and by the end of January, I was doing a pretty good job of keeping up with them. Over the years, I’ve joined different gym’s; Vic Tanny’s, Fitness 19, and Planet Fitness to name a few. I would go a few times a week, do the same exercises and never felt like I was getting a good workout. I guess I really didn’t know how to push myself.   I would end up not going but still paying the monthly dues. Now, not only am I getting in shape, I look forward to going to FitCamp. Cindy changes up the workouts and she is always teaching the physiology behind the different exercises. She keeps a close eye on you to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly so you will not injure yourself.   I also attended Cindy’s yoga classes. Yoga is the perfect complement to my exercise routine. It helped me stretch all the muscles I used during workouts and helped reduce the soreness from working out. It also helped me to learn how to relax and meditate. If you have a chance to join Cindy’s classes I would definitely recommend them. You will be happy you did ?!

Jennifer M.

Registered Nurse, Saint Marys, GA

I have enjoyed all my time with Cindy! She teaches a Fit Camp class two days a week and I do all I could to attend. During my time under her instruction, I found myself seeing results I have never had. Her class is always something I look forward to and the challenges each session held. My husband and I own our own businesses and my schedule is pretty tight. She is always aware of my time and started class right on time and ended on time. Not all instructors are so in tune, but she definitely is! I found myself growing stronger and faster through our time together. Her knowledge is vast and after 10 months, not one work out has the same! Never once do I think of skipping a class.

Elizabeth A.

Business Owner/Mother

I started working with Cindy shortly after having my first child. I had been an athlete my whole life prior to having my son but had never worked with a personal trainer before.  After his birth I was looking to get back into shape but did not have hours to spend at the gym with a newborn. I decided to sign up for a series of 30 minute sessions with Cindy.  Cindy really listened to what I was looking to accomplish and came up with short dynamic workouts for me to do at each of our sessions.  I was amazed at the great workout I could get in just 30 minutes.  Cindy specifically designed the workouts based on my goals and showed me that it was possible to get results in just 30 minutes.  I would definitely recommend Cindy as a personal trainer for anyone looking to get in shape or improve their overall fitness level.

Kelly G.

Mom and Healthy Eating Blogger