saleEveryone seems to find time for fitness in January thanks to New Year’s Resolutions. But the best fitness deals are always found in December. It’s when facilities are seeing their lowest attendance and they want to boost sales. So for those of us who work out year round, tis the season! Some fitness businesses promote there December deals in ads while others just post internally for their loyal customers and lucky searchers like us. This is when I start hitting their websites for holiday deals because you save the most money possible when you purchase before the holidays. Best places are private venues such as yoga studios, cycle studios, barre, aerial silks, dance, martial arts, etc. Read the fine print, often these deals have to be started in December, some are December only and some offer huge discounts if you make yearlong commitments. Another great thing about these deals are you try programs out with a more manageable crowd in attendance vs the heavy crowds of January. I wouldn’t suggest signing up for a year of aerial silks if you have never tried it before, but if you take spin regularly and only go sporadically because of cost, there will be a deal for you. So start your search because the December deals are great!